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Who Needs a Deep Dental Cleaning?

Who Needs a Deep Dental Cleaning

A Deep cleaning is a particular procedure performed to treat gum and periodontal disease. It's frequently done on the grounds that an individual has not had professional cleaning appointments at regular intervals.

Who all need a deep cleaning?

Generally, pockets are around 3-4 millimetres deep but in case the pockets are deeper than 5 millimetres, your dentist might advise you for Root planing and & Deep scaling. 

In Deep Scaling, your plague and tarter's are removed from the depth of your teeth especially from the area of pocket. Whereas in root planing, the dentist removes tartar and plague from the depth root of the teeth and clean the rough spots where bacteria forms and divide, resulting in the removal of bacteria and providing a smooth surface to gums to reattach. It may take a few hours over numerous visits with your Dentist.

You need to keep good oral hygiene after you have gone through Deep cleaning- as the bacteria from the pockets are gradually removed, it may take a few weeks for your gums to become healthier, entirely.


Generally, our mouth is filled with millions of bacteria- these bacteria's cause sticky yellow-coloured plague on our teeth, these plagues are removed with daily brushing and flossing. But, if the oral-hygiene has not been implemented or used, then they get harden and form a substance called Tarter, which can only be removed with a dental cleaning.  Often, these Tarter remains on our teeth and cause inflammation to our gums, making them appear red, which causes it to bleed, sometimes- the condition is known as Gingivitis. This condition can easily be reversed if taken care with regular brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist for cleaning but if not done, then over the period of time, the bacteria releases toxins making the gum go through inflammation.

People having Gingivitis are highly recommended to have deep cleaning as your dentist will scrap off these plague's resulting into a better Oral Health.


When Gingivitis isn't cured, it advances and takes a severe form called Peridontitis. In this condition, the affected tissues start to pull away from the teeth, resulting in pockets. As these pockets grow, it exposes the deeper areas below the gum line which corrupts the bone, holding the specific teeth.

Such cases cannot be managed with basic dental hygiene, thus deep cleaning is required. Basically, it is the first line of treatment for advanced gum disease. If the inflammation and the cleaning aren't done, there are chances that your teeth might fall out. The loss of the bone from periodontitis is not reversible making the plague to grow back, again.

In the case of diabetic and smoking patients, they are advised to visit the clinic more frequently as the blood flow to the gums is slower making it impossible to heal.

If you have already gone through Deep cleaning and want to avoid further damage, be regular with the following points-

1. Have a Balanced diet.

2. Avoid having tobacco

3. Brush your teeth daily and floss it, once.

4. Visit your dental clinic, regularly.

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