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What is Dental Implant procedure. Time and Pain ?

Walk In without a tooth and walk out with one.

Tooth in a day
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Single Implant

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Or a Bridge

Teeth in a day or IMMEDIATE Implants are entirely comfortable process, from start to finish. Once the Medical history and Diagnosis is established. You arrive with the CBCT at the clinic , our friendly team will make sure you are relaxed and worry-free for the duration of your time with us. The implants are gently placed and this unique procedure allows us carry out the entire process in one day, meaning less down-time for you.

Why choose White Dental?

Dental Implant Treatment is a particular area of experience at White Dental Healthcare. Our dental specialists have completed thousands of implant treatments successfully. Most cost effective, affordable and cheapest prices of braces will be found here. Our state of the art dental clinic in Indirapuram has everything we could possibly need on-site to provide implants in a safe and professional environment.

Appointment 1

We Place your Implants in carefully and painless manner. you might feel pressure during the process and normal wound healing process thereafter. This discomfort usually subsides in 3 days or less.


Follow up appointment after 7 days. In most cases we wait a minimum of 3 months for the bone to heal and hold the implant before we place the crown on top of the implant.

Appointment 3

Once the implant is osseintegerated, we take the measurements of the crown to fit your specialized needs.

Appointment 4

The Crown is placed and your smile is now complete :)

Types of Dental Implants

Tooth in a day

A single tooth implant restoration consists of three parts. First, the implant itself, which replaces the tooth root. Second, the abutment which will support the crown and the prosthetic crown itself. And Finally, The crown is either cemented onto the abutment or held in place with a screw. A single tooth implant with crown is the best permanent restorations. Moreover, it does not require cutting your adjacent healthy teeth for bridging

Single tooth implant
Multiple Teeth Implant

If multiple teeth are missing within the same region, several missing teeth can sometimes be replaced with fewer implants because dental implants are stronger than the natural tooth roots.

Full Denture Implant

When all teeth are missing or in a condition that all teeth need to be replaced, there is a need for full arch implant reconstructions.
All-on-4 ,


All-on 8,

Where in the number denoted the number of Implants in the said solution.

The fixed teeth options include either having screw retained fixed hybrid dentures or having screw retained fixed porcelain crowns/bridges.

Post Dental Implants care


Keep your mouth clean with regular rines and mouthwashes.





Take pain reducing medication as needed. This may be over-the-counter medicine or a specific prescription, depending on your situation. Also, if you are given a prescription for an antibiotic, be sure to take it as directed, for the full number of days prescribed.


Do not brush your teeth in the immediate area of the Implant for the first 24 hours. Then, be a little gentle for the first few days to avoid trauma to the area. Of course, it's very important to brush and floss normally everywhere else, and keep your mouth as clean as possible.


Be sure to come back for the follow up check up to remove sutures if placed or just for a general check up.


Feel Free to call White Dental if you have any questions.

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