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Do you Have Diabetes? Want to know how it is affecting your Oral Health?

Do you Have Diabetes? Want to know how it is affecting your Oral Health?

It's may be alarming that you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, but do you know Diabetes comes with many other complications of Heart diseases, stroke and kidney failure. Most of the cases of blindness and amputation has been seen in diabetes patients, but what you may not know or aware of is there are severe chances of gum diseases and periodontal if you are diabetic.   It has been observed that people with diabetes have severe cases of oral infections. 

How is diabetes related to gum disease?  We all know the milieu diabetes brings to our body- basically, it reduces the resistance of our body towards infections or towards fighting it thus making it hard to heal any disease. Many times, people with uncontrolled diabetes tend to have severe cases of oral problems as Diabetes affects leukocytes- which are the fighting cells in our body. With the entrance of foreign element in our body, leukocytes prepare themselves to fight by releasing antibodies. As Diabetes affects the primary defence system of the body, the body loses its power to fight any infection. Also, as the salivary flow reduces and the amount of salivary glucose increases- it makes the pristine stay for fungal infection. 

What are the early signs of gum disease?

  • Bleeding of gums while brushing

  • Swollen and red gums

  • Drifted gums, pulled away from teeth

  • Pus coming out from teeth when they get pressed.

  • Permanent teeth moving away from each other or loose tooth. 

  • Bad smell

  • Changes in the shape of your bite or the way they fit when you bite

  • When there are changes in your bridges or dentures.  

Following are the ways you can prevent Dental Problems analogous with diabetes- 

  • The primary issue with diabetes is the blood glucose level, to avoid the dental subject, it is advisable that you regularly check your glucose level.  Have a regular visit with your doctor and follow the instructions given by them to manage your glucose so you can maintain it in the target range. 

  • Oral Hygiene is a must! There is no denying when it comes to taking care of oral health. As a diabetic, the concerns could be alarming. Brush your teeth, two times for an average of two minutes, try to floss your teeth daily. Consult your dentist and ask if you need to use a mouthwash. 

  • If you use dentures, you need to remove them daily and clean them, properly. 

  • Have a regular consulting with your Dentist and don't hesitate to tell them that you have diabetes. 

  • Go for Deep cleaning or professional cleaning for at least twice or thrice a year. 

  • Smoking could be threatening for you- people who have diabetes and smoke are at higher risk of developing the oral disease- it also makes the procedure of healing difficult. 

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